Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tell Tale Preserve Company's Luscious Bag of Sweetness

A few months ago Alice Q Foodie turned me onto the Tell Tale Preserve Company.  At first I was depressed that I didn't live in San Francisco to be able to stop by the Ferry Building Farmers Market. But that quickly turned to elation when I scrolled down a bit and discovered Chef Werner will ship his sweet little goodie bags to me !

  For  $35 a month subscription, you get a once-a-month delivery of house-made pastries, jams, candies and breads-shipping varies depending upon where you live. Seriously-if you want something indulgent and delicious-check it out and order one for yourself-and trust me on this-don't just order one and think -oh I'll give it to Susie for her birthday-because once you open the bag-it will never make it to Susie's !

My first bag arrived today and it was like opening Christmas presents.  First of all the packaging is beautiful in it's simplicity.  A burlap bag tied with jute.  The little morsels of magic inside are wrapped in simple brown paper so that what stands out is the beauty of what's inside the package.  This is what my bag contained:

Vanilla & Douglas fir confiture au lait

Roasted pumpkin and guanaja chocolate marshmallow

Turron of white chocolate, new crop walnut & yuzu

Pain d'epices laced caramels

Quince and caramelized honey petit gateaux

Hazelnut, frankincense & muscovado toffee

I did not receive any compensation for writing this post-I bought the bag myself because I was enticed by the descriptions and photos on Chef Werner's website.  And I definitely will be returning to buy more ! If you still need convincing read this NY Times review of Tell Tale Preserve Company and Chef Werner.

Be still my heart the caramels are whispering to me, taste me first-but I think the hazelnut, frankincense and muscovado toffee is going to win out. Oh and I think the Vanilla & Douglas fir confiture au lait would be indescribably delicious spread onto one of Boulangerie Poilane's Punitions-sweet little butter cookies.  Time to put on the apron and bake some now.  I'm off to the kitchen while visions of sugar plums dance in your heads.

PS. While taking the photos for this post-the roasted pumpkin and guanaja chocolate marshmallows won the taste test-I had to quickly wrap them up to stop from eating them all-seriously addictive,soft and pillowy with a chocolate crunch-I will be searching for a recipe for these .

If you are lucky enough to be in close proximity to the Ferry Building Farmers Market in San Francisco-run out the door and pick up one of these-it would make a fabulous hostess gift over the holidays. Enjoy !


redmenace said...

Oh wow. That looks amazing. I would probably eat every last bite of those marshmallows too. Deliciousness! I hope you're well, Sandy. I've missed you! Happy Holidays! xo

Deb said...

Sis, seriously, your writing and what you are doing with your blog is unbelievable creative! You have this gift of creating mouth watering visions of food and delectables in my tummy! One day, someone is going to surprise you and hire you for your cooking/baking talent, photography and your imaginative colorful food writing talents! Hugs!!!! So when do I get my monthly sample???? LOL

Deeba PAB said...

Sandy, how beautiful this is, the packaging and the contents...WOW! Those caramels are seriously calling my name, as are the intriguing other contents in there. Beautifully presented indeed! Happy Holidays my friend! Hope you have a wonderful Xmas!