Friday, December 31, 2010

Potato Leek Soup - French Fridays with Dorie

It's been very cold and sometimes raining in Seattle. I know I have nothing to complain about with everyone else having to dig out from that horrible storm that hit across the United States. I grew up in Pittsburgh and I remember those storms. What I romanticize about the most is that first snowfall of the season-when it would sneak in during the wee small hours of the morning. We were night owls in those days and as soon as we saw it falling we would bundle up and go out for a midnight walk. It was quieter than I ever remember the world being during those walks. You could barely hear the snow falling. It was that thick steady snow that stuck to your coat and hat so that by the time you walked a block you looked like a little snowman. The tree branches were thick with the snow and fire hydrants wore little snow caps. It was fun to be the first human to make tracks in the snow. Sometimes it was so thick and so steady that by the time we turned back our tracks had disappeared. I miss those midnight snow walks. We knew we could count on everything being shut down the next day.

Snow days were fun even as adults-you could cook up a good pot of soup, make some homemade bread or experiment with some new cookie recipe. Or pull out the cross country skis and blaze trails with the sun shining !

Well I don't have snow here but with the cold chilling my bones I knew it was time for some soup. And not just any ordinary soup-but Dorie Greenspan's Potato and Leek Soup. The Potato Leek Soup was one of the recipe selections for my French Fridays with Dorie Group. I couldn't wait to make this, it sounded like the perfect soup to take the chill off.

As usual, I wasn't disappointed. Dorie gives you the choice of leaving the soup chunky with the luscious bits of leeks and potatoes still intact or whirling it all together in a food processor resulting in a smooth creamy soup. I opted for chunky-I love to have a good hearty chewy soup. Tell me is there anything that Dorie cooks "not so good" ? I don't think so, every recipe I have tried turns out with ohhs and ahhs around the dinner table. I added a nice crisp homemade crouton topped with some fresh shaved Gruyere cheese. Then I remembered I had bought some White Truffle Oil from La Buona Tavala at Pike Place Market. A few drops of that was the perfect finishing touch to this soup.

Each time I cook something from Dorie's latest book Around My French TableI encourage you to go out and buy the book-this recipe is no exception. Buy the book and start enjoying some of the most delicious recipes you will find. Bon Appetit !


Steph said...

Love your pictures and your place setting! Also love the idea of adding a drop or two or truffle oil to this terrific soup. Hope the weather breaks a bit for you. Happy New Year!

Candy said...

What a great post! I loved your story, what great memories (I grew up in Michigan, and the AZ "winter" just doesn't produce anything like a great snowfall).

But your soup! That looks lovely. All of your special touches - wonderful!

bellini valli said...

I really need to add this book to my collection. I did receive a gift card from Chapters.....hmmm....It has been a joy sharing your kitchen this past year. 2011 can be nothing if not to strengthen friendships, cook up a storm and share on these very pages. I look forward to our paths crossing again in the New Year. Cheers!!

Jessica of My Baking Heart said...

Beautiful! What a perfect meal for the weather you're having! :) Happy New Year!

Candy Girl said...

What a gorgeous presentation! I loved these soup and wish I had thought to add a drizzle of truffle or olive oil.

Sis. Boom. said...

Yes! Truffle oil is perfect! But never mind that! I want your dishes!
Trevor Sis. Boom.

Frolicking Night Owl said...

i hated Pittsburgh weather when I lived there, but now i missed being snowed in and having an excuse to cook & watch movies all day. :)

Cher said...

Love, love, love the dishes. Truffle oil = great idea!

As an upstate NY girl, I get the feeling about that first snow. But, it can go away after that!

Anonymous said...

I have to say that you have the most elegant presentation of this soup that I've seen. With truffle oil and a good bottle of wine, the cold and damp are outmatched.

Happy New Year!