Sunday, December 5, 2010

Savor Seattle-The Gourmet Food Tour

Working in the travel industry has its perks.  I took advantage of one of those perks on Saturday-participating in the Savor Seattle Gourmet Food Tour.  Eric, our tour guide and my fellow tourees didn't know I would be blogging about the tour (with the exception of my friend Megan who also did the tour with me).  Whether you are a foodie or just want a behind the scenes taste of Seattle , this tour more than fills the bill so to speak.

Santa kicked off the tour for us at Andaluca Restaurant at the Mayflower Hotel.  We were introduced to their very special Sangria along with a Crispy Duck Cake with apricot chutney and cucumber riata.  Besides the tasty duck, the Sangria was the best I have ever tasted. Andaluca is very generous in sharing the Sangria recipe, I plan on making it for the holidays. I also plan on returning to Andaluca, that little taste teased me to return for more.

Next-Serious pie. One of Tom Douglas's restaurants-you can never go wrong when his name is on it.  And we were not disappointed. As a matter of fact it was very Italian,  standing outside the shop and eating our slices.  Just another reason to enjoy the gorgeous sunshine and blue skies while we ate pizza. Calling what we ate pizza doesn't seem to do justice to it. The tomato sauce tasted like just picked tomatoes and the truffle cheese on the chanterelle pizza-well you just have to visit Serious pie and try it yourself.

We headed into Pike Market next-to La Buona Tavola ,where we experienced truffle salt,white truffle cream, white and black truffle oil and the ultimate-truffle honey. My taste buds were dancing themselves into ecstasy. I loved this place so much I headed back after the tour and picked up the white truffle cream, the white truffle oil and the truffle salt-better oil up the treadmill !

From La Buona Tavola we pointed towards Il Bistro.  How have I lived in Seattle and not discovered this lovely romantic restaurant.  The risotto was creamy and luscious and the chef charming and funny.  Another restaurant to add to my dining list !

Just when we thought we couldn't eat another bite over to Pike  Brewing Company.  It was very festive and inviting inside.  And the beer-cold and foamy and not too hoppy-I loved the Kilt Lifter along with Beechers Kilt Lifter cheese-perfect combination.

Then onto the Four Seasons, just in time for a pink and blue sunset-ahh Seattle,when the sun shines you are beautiful.  I formed a new addiction at Art Restaurant in the Four Seasons-Dry Soda.  Specifically -Rhubarb-there will be cases of this stored in my basement at all times-light and bubbly with just a hint of rhubarb. My second favorite drink now behind champagne. Oh and the sliders were quite tasty too !

And what would a tour be without dessert?  Off to Gelatiamo we go.  We were very fortunate that the owner, Maria, came over and told us all about her business and the panettone she was baking.  We got to sample the panettone, "too fresh" Maria cautioned, but still delicious.  I'll be dreaming of the creme caramel gelato.  It's always nice to eat somewhere that you can feel the heart and soul of the owner-that's Gelatiamo. And Maria was so gracious-she gave us a tour of her pastry kitchen and showed us how she makes the creamy gelato.

If you have friends coming into town for the holidays or have a foodie relative or friend that you can't think of what to buy them-give them this tour-they will love it.

Enjoy the tour and Bon Appetit


bellini valli said...

Looks like there are several places to try on my next visit to Seattle!!!

Seattle Pastry Girl said...

Val, count me in as your tour guide next time you're in town!

Sarah @ OC2seattle said...

Ok, you've convinced me - I have to go on this tour! So happy to hear Gelatiamo is a home run - I've passed by it often (generally when it's closed) and wondered if it measured up to Italian gelato.

Eric said...

This group was a blast to take around on the tour! I had a great time with you all!

Having the random Santa encounter was really cool too!

Angela Shen said...

Thanks for the great blog post! We shared this with all the Gourmet Seattle Tour partners.

Cristina said...

Yet another reason I must get back to visit Seattle. Thanks for sharing your experience on this delicious tour. I'm going to start dropping hints to Hubby. I can't wait to visit again! :)

What a great idea, a food tour. Every city should have one!

Seattle Pastry Girl said...

Cristina if hubby doesn't want to do the tour call me I'll be glad to go again!

Eric and Angela-fabulous tour, can't say enough about it.

Sarah-Gelatiamo is the only place I will buy my gelato from !