Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Portland State University Farmer's Market

We were fortunate to be in Portland this past weekend. Not only did we enjoy a fantastic show called "Million Dollar Quartet" we got to see the Rose Festival fireworks Friday night down at the waterfront. 

Just when I thought it couldn't get any better we decided to walk over to the Portland State University Farmer's Market on Saturday. Neither of us had been to it before and I didn't know much about it.  When we arrived I was stunned-there were 150 booths lining the park in the middle of the college campus.  All food !  Fresh vegetables,fruits,seedlings,artisans selling their canned and pickled goods,artisans selling their cheeses, bakeries,fish,meat,poultry-I was in foodie heaven.  We spent a good 4 hours roaming,tasting and buying !  If you live in the Pacific Northwest please take the time to visit this amazing market. If you are planning a visit to Portland,plan to be there on Saturday and get to this market. They operate Saturdays thru December 15 and the hours are 8:30-2:00 thru October and 9:00-2:00 for November -December.They have a great interactive map here and you can learn about the vendors and their products.

There are gorgeous flowers scattered throughout the market.  You could spend the entire day just wandering,tasting and more wandering.  Our booty included the 2 Kimchis from Choi Kimchi; pickled beets and a jar of corn relish from Zoe's Favorites; Rage n Red Jalapeno jelly along with a jar of Mango Jalapeno from Rose City Pepperheads; the sausage from Salumeria di Carlo;Fig and Anise Panini from Pearl Bakery; Chevre Chef's Blend goat cheese from Fraga Farm; Smoked Gouda from Willamette Valley Cheese; and Roasted tomato salsa from Gathering Together Farm.  Everything delicious - besides the sausage, the Jalapeno Jelly and the Fig and Anise panini were my favorites too.  We fell in love with this market and all the farmers and artisans who put so much love and energy and caring into their products.  Planning another trip , really soon !

Choi's Kimchi-outstanding , we bought a jar of the sweet white napa cabbage and one of the spicy red napa cabbage.

Hood River strawberries-the absolute sweetest berries I have ever tasted-I plan on making a return trip soon just to buy a couple of flats of these .

And one of the best sausage sandwiches can be found at Salumeria di Carlo, smothered in peppers and onions. We brought home a package of frozen ones too and those are gone !

We ended our visit, sitting on the grass, eating these delicious sandwiches,feeling ever so grateful to be living in the Pacific Northwest . 

 If you are looking for a place to stay,convenient to the waterfront,downtown and this market I can recommend Hotel Modera.  Fabulous staff,good bar (try the Absinthe makes the Heart-a blend of Absinthe,lavender and vodka) beautiful outdoor dining area (try the pommes frites with harissa ketchup),and super comfy beds with lots of pillows.  If you stay, have the Brioche French toast with berry compote for breakfast-excellent.

And call me if you need someone to go with you !

PS. I did not receive any compensation from the PSU Farmers Market,vendors or Hotel Modera.

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Those flowers look gorgeous!