Monday, March 28, 2011

Malted Crisp Tart-Baked Sunday Mornings

Have you ever had one of those weeks ? No matter how hard you tried to remain positive, lurking around each corner was something waiting to trip you up ? I've been under the weather for a couple of days now and it feels like I have fallen 2 weeks behind instead of 2 days behind. I feel cloudy, like the weather in Seattle. You know that feeling when you aren't 100 percent and feel like you are 10 steps behind everyone else? I'm starting to shake it and so very grateful for that. Hot tea and chicken noodle soup helps. I made this tart last week, or rather I started it. This is not a recipe you can make overnight. After I made the tart shell, which is a brown sugar dough and so good I'm thinking of how to make a cookie out of it, I re-read the directions and then re-read them again .

I thought okay so I've wasted a perfectly good pastry shell because there was no way I was going to caramelize rice crispies, make malted chocolate ganache,crush malted milk balls, make a malted milk pastry cream and combine that with whipped cream to make a diplomat cream. Whew, I was exhausted-maybe putting this marathon tart together weakened my immune system ! But I'm not a quitter and I knew I could do this.

So I made the shell on Wednesday, the pastry cream on Thursday, and then assembled it with the ganache on Friday. You really need to be prepared for all the steps in this recipe but the rewards are well worth it. It has a wonderful caramel crust from the brown sugar, the sweet milk chocolate ganache layered with the crushed malted milk balls and the caramelized rice crispies give it a slight sweet/salty taste. The diplomat cream is something I could eat by the spoonful.

I made my crust a little too thick but it's so tasty I really don't mind the thickness. This is something you eat in small tiny slices, unless you happen to love a sugar overload. Will I make it again ? Only if J asks for it-it's too complicated to be on my bake again list but I encourage you to at least try it once-it's perfect with a hot espresso to offset the sweetness. Bon Appetit.

See how everyone else did over at the Baked Sunday Mornings website. Buy the book Baked Explorations and join us !


Kris' Kitchen said...

Well....I can't help it...I'm making this again this weekend. I think I can make it faster the second time because, like you, I was reading, and reading the recipe over and over...but now I won't need to read, just bake. And I know what to expect, so I can make a few parts at the same time where the 1st time through everything was separate. I'm thinking about baking individual size tarts this time...and I want to use some as a gift and this tart is special enough to be a great gift. Hope you have a better week and are feeling better....and your tart looks luscious!

bellini valli said...

Baking over three days spreads out the enjoyment. Usually baking for me is a chore to get it all done in one day, that's probaly why I perfect cheesecakes.

Kristin said...

your tart looks beautiful! I love how caramelized your rice krispies turned out : )

Candy Girl said...

Your tart looks perfect!

Glad you are feeling better.