Monday, September 13, 2010

Muchas Leches Cake Part 2 or The Party is Over !

All I can say is you have to make this cake at least once in your baking/cooking career.  And after your family and friends taste it they won't let you stop with baking it just one time-they will storm your kitchen for this cake-trust me .  Isn't it always so much fun to walk into a party and your family and loved ones ooohhh and ahhh over your creation ?  And then isn't even better when it tastes unbelievably incredibly delicious ? Yes this cake is a keeper and one that will always be a top of the list go to for parties and special occasions.  If I put it on the bake at least once a month list J and I would be as large as a small hippo ! 

About the cake- it's so light and when that first bite hits your taste buds-you smell the almond and then the whipped cream coats your tongue, but wait what is that-ahh dulce de leche caramel  cuts through that whipped cream and everything just settles into taste bud nirvana ! Caution this is not a cake for a 2-4 people gathering-unless you all want to sign up for Weight Watchers after the party-it easily serves 12-18 depending on how generous you are with your slicing. 

My sister's party was a great success, we had fabulous food-what do you expect ? She is my sister after all !  Add to that delectable sangria courtesy of the sangria king-Jorge, warm wonderful company and beautiful weather-just a perfect Sunday afternoon with friends and family.

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To my Sis, my YaYA Sistah, and Val..thank you for the wonderful comments-major issues with this new comments widget so I'm dumping it but the comments went with it !