Saturday, September 11, 2010

Foodista International Food Bloggers Conference 2010

International Food Bloggers Conference 2010

I have fallen so far behind with things this month I almost feel like I need an assistant to tidy up behind me. That way I could just lounge around and eat bon bons all day ! And after the International Food Bloggers Conference all of those bon bons would be from Theo Chocolate. I'm a long time fan of Theo's and currently addicted to their fig and fennel chocolate with almonds ! Working on a tart recipe to try and incorporate those fabulous bars into it !

But I've wandered from my main subject which was to let you know how incredible the conference was. Thank you to Foodista for bringing together so many creative people under one roof. It was like going home to the mother ship. This was my first blogger's conference and I wasn't sure what to expect other than a room full of people who loved food. What I found was a room full of some of the brightest,friendliest and creative people I have ever encountered. Everyone was anxious to meet and greet and compare notes on generating traffic to our blogs,photography,food styling and just about anything and everything about food.

The cocktail party was a great opportunity to meet fellow foodies from all over the country.  And an even better opportunity to eat -I mean really what would you expect at a food bloggers conference.  There was lamb, and steak banh mi, delicious cod sliders ,cupcakes, wine, chocolate and one of my all time favorites of the week-end bacon peanut brittle-note to myself -experiment with this for Christmas gifts-I mean who would expect bacon in their peanut brittle ?  I was too pooped to hit the wine party afterwards and headed home with my swag bag from Sur La Table-thank you for the goodies !  The next day was full of so much information and I learned a lot from all the speakers.  Two highlights for me were James Oseland,Editor in Chief of Saveur-he was full of so much positive energy and excitement about food blogging and his slide show matched that energy.  And the 2nd most inspirational speaker was Penny De Los Santos, award winning photographer and fellow blogger.  Her photos were beyond inspirational-each one had such feeling and passion and to hear her stories , I was filled with so much awe-I want to be her when I grow up !

You can catch up with the presentations and photos over at the IFBC website-take some time and check it out -there's some great information over there.

I met so many wonderful bloggers, check out their blogs-they are some creative, funny and sweet ladies.  And I thank them for sharing some of their time with me.  I can't wait for 2011 !

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bellini valli said...

I know you would have a fantastic time. I can't wait for Foodbuzz in San Francisco later this year!!!