Saturday, July 24, 2010

Perfect Saturday Perfect Lunch

This is shaping up to be a perfect Seattle Saturday.  It's sunny, blue skies, slight breeze and the cherry on top is that Marination Mobile is in West Seattle Today. Yea!!!!!!!!!!  I've been wanting to try their food because I have heard so many fabulous things about them. Their menu is a fusion of Hawaiian and Korean cuisine.  They describe their kalbi as tender beef marinated in Kamala’s version of the iconic Korean recipe. Soy-based marinade all hugged up with garlic, and a mistress of citrus to satisfy your need for salty-sweet variety love. Hmm Hmmm good.

Kalbi Taco and Aloha Slider

 J and I are having the Aloha Slider, Kalbi Tacos and Pork Slider. We were not disappointed and as long as they keep showing up in West Seattle on Saturdays I know where we will be having lunch !

Since our trip to Portland we are really getting into food carts- I just hope Seattle wakes up and smells the aroma and changes the codes to allow them here.  From what I've been following in the papers the current codes are very restrictive and allow for limited carts-mainly serving hot dogs !  Sheesh, all you have to do is take a trip to Portland and graze your way through food cart heaven before you start wanting to open up one yourself ! Seriously, Mayor McGinn are you listening ?  Give us Food Carts !  Check out the amount of people who showed up for the recent Chow Down with Food Carts at the Seattle Center.

The fears are that they are going to create litter-really ?  We are clean ,conscientious and neat foodies here in Seattle.  Competition for the restaurants?  I think not.  Anyone who wants to sit down and be waited on and have a full menu to choose from is not going to stray from the restaurant scene. And typically the crowd from the restaurant scene are not the folks lining up for the food carts !  In my mind if Seattle gets with the program then the restaurant business could  get some really good fall out from the food cart business.  Foodies crave  kimchi or pork sliders or Thai basil chicken and as our taste palettes expand so does our desire to try different food.  And sooner or later we're going to join the restaurant crowd while still keeping one foot in the food cart line ! Come on restaurateurs there is enough business for everyone out there even in today's economy.  And here's an idea-you already have an established business-branch out and open a food cart  and lure us into your restaurant ! Okay,time to get down off my soap box and have this incredible lunch !
Aloha Slider-Kalua Pork ( Hawaiian Braised Pulled Pork)
on a Sweet Roll Bun Warm and soft,
stuffed with their signature slaw 

Kimchi Quesadilla ,kalua pork plus cilantro and cheese

Kalbi Beef Taco topped with saucy, tangy, crunchy signature slaw

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