Monday, July 12, 2010

Happy Birthday to me !

Photo from Ray's Boathouse Web site

Last Thursday I had one of those milestone birthday moments and because it was such a momentous one I got to choose the restaurant for the celebration !   I have always wanted to have dinner at Ray's Boathouse-a Seattle institution.  It's one of those places you always think about going to but never get around to it.  So when J asked me where I wanted to celebrate- I didn't hesitate.  I have  always recommended Ray's  to out of town visitors because I knew from Ray's reputation that they wouldn't be disappointed .  And I am so happy I made this choice-I will definitely keep recommending Ray's and will be going back for many more dinners to come. 

First of all the setting is spectacular-sun on the Sound, the Olympic mountains barely capped with snow on the horizon, and surrounded by the hills of Seattle-it doesn't get much better.

Ray's website has a brief description, which barely begins to describe what they offer: "The finest sustainable Northwest seafood, artisan cheeses, local produce and meats, a Wine Spectator award-winning wine list of over 700 selections and our trademark hospitality make Ray's Boathouse Restaurant an unforgettable dining experience"

Unforgettable is an understatement.  The service was excellent-someone was always there filling your water or wine glass,replenishing the bread,clearing the plates-everything being done without being noticed-very discreet. And then there is the food-I can't even begin to describe the food delicious,incredible, seasoned perfectly,cooked perfectly-it all sounds so cliche but it was absolutely incredibly fabulous !

  The gorgeous view from our table

The wine-perfection-chilled Chardonnay
Maison Bleue "Au Contraire" Yakima Valley, Washington 2008

Fresh baked bread that would magically appear just when the bread board was empty along with creamy butter topped with Sea Salt and parsley

Taylor Shellfish Geoduck Ceviche with orange, chiles, red onion, sweet corn,and potato crisps-so fresh and sweet with the orange and red onion combination .

'Sicilian Style' Sauteed Calamari with fregola, green raisins, caper berries and tomato sauce -this appetizer disappeared quickly-what a combination of tastes exploding in your mouth !

Trident Alaskan Red King Crab Legs,corn custard, green beans, parsley pistou and melted butter-I never tasted Crab so sweet !  And the corn custard was so light-the green beans still had that slight just picked from the garden crunch.

Seared Alaskan Weathervane Sea Scallops ,Oxbow farm swiss chard,
artichokes, fennel, pecorino toscano and black olive butter
 -this was my hands down favorite during
 our tasting and the next time I'm ordering this!

Grilled Neah Bay Chinook Salmon-freshly caught ,creamed
Washington russets,broccoli and apricot-sage sauce


Caramel Pot de Crème,fleur de sel and gingersnap -the gingersnaps quickly disappeared !

Strawberry Cake,mascarpone, almonds, chocolate ganache and basil syrup
-what a flavor combination !

I missed taking photos of the Alaskan Long Line Ling Cod (say that 10 times fast), with red potatoes, spring onions, manila clams, green beans, and butter emulsion-but from my end of the table it looked scrumptious . My brother assures me it was very, very good. I also missed the photo opportunity with the Chilled Poached Gulf Prawns with fried green tomato, and tasso vinaigrette-I did get to taste that before it disappeared and it was amazing-the fried green tomato was fresh and the coating light with a slight crunch and the vinaigrette added a kind of earthy taste to it-the prawns just as sweet as can be .
It couldn't have been a more perfect evening-exquisite food, an enchanting setting, cold chilled wine and wonderful ,loving dinner companions. We laughed and ate our way through one of my most memorable meals. Thank you to my family for making it such a special night for me and for being the loving,laughing, crazy people you are.  I love you  all dearly and am truly blessed to have you in my  life.  And the next time you are looking for a place to have dinner head straight to Ray's and if you need a dining companion call me !



bellini valli said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful birthday my friend. Pass me the salmon or the Ling Cod they both sound perfect for me:D

Deb Ramirez said...

It is still July, sis, so that means you can keep on celebratin' your special day...back to Ray's I hope....and take me with you again!!!! Deb