Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mexican Cooking with Cindy Pawlcyn - The Pantry at Delancey

I really don't want to sound all gushey with this post but it's going to be hard to avoid-this class rocked !  Of course I went into it very excited-who wouldn't be-the opportunity to learn from Cindy Pawlcyn - you often don't get opportunities like this. I wasn't going to let this one pass me by.  And I'm so glad I took my sister with me.  It was an incredible 1st experience for her with The Pantry at Delancey.

I've been in awe of Cindy Pawlcyn for some time.  Her bio on the internet summarizes her experience very well:
Cindy Pawlcyn is widely recognized as a pioneer of  wine country cooking and one of the first proponents of the farm to table philosophy. Pawlcyn began cooking at the tender age of 13-years-old, and through college and self-study was able to work alongside the likes of James Beard and Julia Child. Pawlcyn is the author of five widely acclaimed cookbooks – The Fog City Diner Cookbook, Mustards Grill Napa Valley Cookbook, Big Small Plates,Cindy Pawlcyn’s Appetizers and her newest,Cindy's Supper Club . She is also the executive chef and owner of three Napa Valley restaurants – Cindy’s Backstreet Kitchen, Brassica, and Mustards Grill each of which uses her extensive kitchen gardens.

We squeezed a lot of cooking in to a short period of time and created fabulous food with direction from Cindy.  I can still taste the warm egg yolk in the Huevos Motuleños.  And the halibut with tomato habañero and citrus was incredible and so fresh.  We made a spicy smoky hot chipotle salsa that was poured over the Huevos Motuleños. Dessert was a Yucatan inspired tiramisu made with Mexican chocolate -absolutely to die for.  When my sister and I left ,we felt like we should have walked home to work off those calories ! It was a very special evening-another good vibe from fellow classmates.  Cindy was such a calming influence and so free with sharing all her cooking tips and kitchen stories. Another great evening at The Pantry at Delancy.

Cindy starting to plate the Huevos Motuleños

How scrumptious do the finished Huevos Motuleños look ?

The halibut with tomato habañero and citrus

Cindy putting the finishing touch of whipped cream on the tiramisu

The  tiramisu with sugared almond topping-so very very good !

The recipes for the food we made were pretty straightforward-easy to follow and nothing too complicated.  I especially liked that many of the components could be made a day or two ahead-thus freeing you up to enjoy your dinner guests !  If you want the recipes for everything we made in class buy Cindy's Book -"Cindy's Supper Club".  I was lucky-my birthday is just around the corner so my sweet sister bought a copy for me for my birthday-perfect way to end a perfect class !


mireia badia said...

What a great experience!! The pictures are beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

What a great class!