Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Blood Orange Yogurt -Sun Today , Gone Tomorrow

The Weather Channel says it is 68F in Seattle today (April 23).  I'm  looking out the window at the blue skies and my tulips in bloom-gorgeous.  Summer must be just around the corner (she says wishfully ). Keeping my fingers crossed that the weather holds through Saturday since we are heading to the coast this week.  The forecast doesn't look good,but it's Seattle and the forecast can change hourly.  Being in the summertime frame of mind, I've pulled out my ice cream maker from the back of the pantry. Maybe having it in the freezer and ready to go will induce the Sunshine Gods to stick around for a while.

Growing up , Summertime meant Kennywood Park and Dairy Queen ice cream.  I loved that swimming pool. It was huge. The pool measured 357 feet long by 180 feet wide or a total of 64,260 square feet. In comparison a regulation NFL football field is 57,600 square feet! It could hold up to 4500 people,like I said, it was huge. Jumping off the high dive was always an adrenalin high and going down the sliding board, that you see in the background, was like a roller coaster ride splashing into the water !

Kennywood Park Swimming Pool

 Ah those lazy crazy days of summer.My girlfriends and I would walk to Kennywood to swim and sun all day and on the way home stop at the Diary Queen for a soft serve ice cream cone (really we just wanted to flirt with the boys who hung out there). We thought soft serve was the best, we had yet to discover frozen yogurt,gelato,homemade ice cream and sorbet.  If I could afford it I would have a soft serve machine in my kitchen and enjoy frozen soft serve yogurt  and ice cream all the time !  But since I don't , making my own frozen yogurt with my ice cream maker will have to suffice.

Beautiful Blood Orange

I found this recipe over at Kitchen Konfidence. Check it out, Brandon has a gorgeous blog and this recipe was very easy and extremely tasty.  It was like eating the blood orange itself.  Tart and sweet, perfect way to end a meal.

Pouring the blood orange syrup over the Greek yogurt

I should have published this post when it was 68 degrees because the Sunshine Gods did not stay for long. The Grey Skies Gods have returned ! That is okay because I now have this lovely blood orange yogurt to remind me of the sunshine. I will savor each sweet spoonful along with the memories of those wonderful summers of my youth.

 Bon Appetit !


yummychunklet said...

What a fun colored and flavored yogurt!

denise, the prime magpie said...

Ahh... blood oranges. They are a colorful delight, no? I haven't gotten any in our CSA yet but I remember them making a cocktail very pretty. Will absolutely have to add them to a frozen treat! Beautiful photos - creamsicle dreamsicle.

mireia badia said...

Perfect for summer, and yes, it's just around the corner, you'll see!!

Seattle Pastry Girl said...

@Denise,the oranges are almost too pretty to use, don't you think. And thank you for stopping by with your lovely comments.

@Mireia, I will hold you to your word that summer is just around the corner as I look out at grey skies again!

bellini said...

The first 2 days I was in Seattle I had wished I had packed my sandals, perfect weather for ice cream. We missed you at Staples and Fancy:D