Friday, November 26, 2010

Will Bake For Food-Wahoo

The results are in directly from the Will Bake for Food website:

■ 1631 items sold by 54 bakers, including 108 cupcakes, 82 whoopie pies, 473 cookies, and 150 vanilla beans

■ 2 drink dudes who pulled 138 cups (55 coffee, 83 cider) in 90 minutes

■ 300 people through the door in under 2 hours

■ about 20 volunteers who made the event sing

1903lbs of food and $946 !!!!!!!!!

Northwest Harvest called me on Monday absolutely astonished. They hadn’t expected as much. They only sent one poor driver because the typical event usually collects a tenth as much food. A tenth. One or two of their boxes, he said. This poor guy (and a few of our guys—thanks Walt!) got nearly a TON of food onto his truck. And they didn’t even know about the cash donations, some of which we are donating to the church for giving us the space for free.

On this day after Thanksgiving I am thankful for all my fellow bloggers and volunteers who made this such a rousing success.  And I am also thankful for The Fabulous Jennys for both having the heart and soul and caring spirit to  put this Bake Sale  together . Peace and Love  and Happy Holidays to my fellow bloggers for a job well done! Can't wait until next year.

Head over to the website to see the photos when you finish with these :


bellini valli said...

What a fantastic and successful event Sandy!!!

Eileen said...

What an awesome event and great way to make such a positive difference in this world!

Seattle Pastry Girl said...

Eileen and Val,
Thank you for stopping by-yes it was fantastic and so successful we are doing it again next year !