Saturday, October 30, 2010

Chocolate Honey Madeleines-Chocolate with Francois

Nothing like a good cup of espresso with a Chocolate Honey Madeline to transport me back to a little cafe on the streets of Paris. I'm a romantic at heart so it usually doesn't take much to transport me to Paris-the smell of French Onion Soup, a plate of perfect frites, pastry of any type, hot chocolate as rich as Angelina's, or a sweet little Madeline. I have never made chocolate madeleines-I prefer the simplicity of the original. However, Francois Payard does have a way of changing my mind. Julie from A Little Bit of Everything selected this month's Chocolate with Francois recipe-Chocolate Honey Madeleines. They have a hint of orange zest-mine had a hint of lemon zest ! I never know what to expect with his recipes. They are easy to follow but the results vary-you really have to follow them to the very letter-as with anything in baking. But I suspect his years of experience give him that little extra magic that results in perfection each time he bakes.

 I was very happy with my results. They have the little mound that rose in the center and very few pin holes from air bubbles when I turned them out of the pan. And the taste was just slightly chocolaty with a hint of lemon.The honey was lost in the batter. Next time I will let the batter reach room temperature before attempting to pipe it into the Madeleine pans. I didn't do that today and the batter was very thick and cold-I had to use every muscle to squeeze the pastry bag !  Time for another cup of espresso, Bon Appetit .

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Joanne said...

Those turned out lovely. Great job. I made my batter on Thurs. and baked them last night. But I'm not posting until Monday.
This was another good recipe from F.P.

Leslie said...

Perfect! You're much better at following instructions than I am, and your lovely madeleines prove it!

bellini valli said...

Give me a cup of espresso from Seattle Coffeeworks and some of these and I would be set Sandy.

Susan said...

Oh, I forgot to dust mine with confectioners sugar! Yours look perfect. I agree about the honey being lost, but loved the combination of orange and chocolate.

Julie said...

Beautiful! I thought the batter was tough to pipe as well but guess I didn't think about letting it warm up to room temperature!

Thanks for baking with me this month!

Seattle Pastry Girl said...

Thank You Joanne, I look forward to your posting on Monday !

And Leslie not always, I made a vanilla tart once and left out the vanilla-Yikes !

Me too Val !

Tia said...

they look really cute and tasty

Katrina said...

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Your photos are amazing and your baked goods look so delicious!
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