Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day

I wish my Dad were here today.  He would love this torte.  Sweet but not overly sweet, fresh local strawberries and just a little sparkle from the Moscato d'asti.   Understated but unforgettable.  Like my Dad.  He didn't conquer Mt Everest, he didn't invent some life saving device, he didn't find a cure for some deadly disease, but he lived his live with a quietness and dignity and peacefulness.  My sister,brother and I grew up with a mother who had problems with alcohol and we pretty much had to fend for ourselves.  But if there was one certainty,one anchor in our upheaval of a life it was my Dad.  Amid all the chaos,  a hug would make the sadness go away, if only for a moment.  As I got older I realized how he gave up his happiness and dreams  to ensure some type of stability in our lives. He was my hero-even when I was in the wrong and could hear that stern strong voice call out "Sandra" -he is the only person who has ever called me by that name and I knew if I heard it -well it was usually because I had broken some rule or done something I needed to be held accountable for. I'll never forget those good times -going to the lake and learning to water ski with him shouting out constant encouragement-no matter how many times I belly flopped on my face ; building the first snowman of the season -just he and I  in the backyard; being 13years old and watching him graduate from college; having him drive me to my speech club matches every single Saturday for a year,never complaining always encouraging me to do my best.. shortly after J and I got engaged my dad came to visit me at college and when he was leaving and gave me that last hug and whispered in my ear "You're not my little girl anymore "...I didn't get it then, I thought it was just some grown up corny dad thing to say-but when we danced that father daughter dance at my wedding he whispered to me again.."forget what I said, you will always be my little girl "......I miss him, he died battling cancer many years ago.  I will be forever grateful for the last few minutes I spent with him and forever grateful that I became the person I am today because of him.  Dad , I know you are always with me and I hear you when I have those low moments and I feel you when those fabulous high moments happen too.  You taught me well and I'm proud of the woman I have become and really proud that some of my best qualities are the same ones I so admired in you. Happy Father's Day Dad, I love you.

Thanks to Melissa Clark for sharing her recipe for this Strawberry Moscato Torte  in the New York Times.  Now go make one for your Dad-he'll love it !

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bellini valli said...

This is a very touching tribute to your dad Sandy. Happy Father's Day to all the special men in our lives.