Saturday, August 21, 2010

Incredible Feast-Anticipation

An Incredible Feast, Seattle Farmers Market Fundraiser and Summer Extravaganza, August 22nd 2010 from Pangeality Productions on Vimeo.

It is the eve of  The Incredible Feast, seriously that is the name of it and it doesn't do it justice. Chef Tamara Murphy conceived this event and organized it in association with the Neighborhood Farmers Market Alliance. Tamara’s inspiration for this event comes from her personal experience of cooking with local farm and sea products. She says: “Good dishes can only come from good food…Chefs get all the glory for their creations, but it is vitally important to acknowledge the local farmers who are the backbone of these culinary successes. Citywide farmers markets have made us rethink what tastes good and the value of local, seasonal, sustainably-grown food."
These are the participating farmers:
Alm Hill Gardens, Bluebird Grain Farms, Cascadia Mushrooms, Dog Mountain Farm, Foraged & Found Edibles, Full Circle, Growing Things, Hayton Farms, Kittitas Valley Greenhouse, Let Us Farm, Local Roots Farm, Loki Fish Co., Nash's Organic Produce, Nature's Last Stand, Olsen Farms, Pipitone Farms, Port Madison Farm, Rama Farm, Rents Due Ranch, River Farm, Rockridge Orchards, Schuh Farms, Sea Breeze Farm, Skagit River Ranch, Stoney Plains Organic Farm, Taylor Shellfish Farms, Tiny's Organic, Tonnemaker Family Orchard, Whistling Train, Willie Greens Organic Farm .

And this is the line up of chefs who will be there:
Julie Andres, La Medusa - Craig Serbousek, Crow and Betty - Renee Erickson, Boat Street Café - Seth Caswell, Emmer & Rye - Ethan Stowell, Ethan Stowell Restaurants - Angie Roberts, Boka - Dustin Ronspies, Art of the Table - Amy McRay, Eva - Carlos Caula, Carmelita - Zephyr Paquette, Elliott Bay Café - Autumn Martin, Theo Chocolate and Hot Cakes - Dalis Chea, Herban Feast and Fresh Bistro - Kyle McCarthy, Marjorie - Lisa Nakamura, Allium - Philippe Thomelin, Olivar - Don Curtiss, Volterra - Greg Johnson, - Rachel Yang & Seif Chirchi, Joule - Adam Hoffman, Rover's - Robin Leventhal, CRAVE - Anthony Polizzi, Steel Head Diner - Russ Flint, Rain Shadow Meats - Daisley Gordon, Campagne - Matt Dillon, Sitka & Spruce - Dylan Giordan, Serafina and Cicchetti - Meredith Molli, La Boucherie - Joey Serquinia, The Harvest Vine - and Half Pint Ice Cream.

Outstanding, simply outstanding- any one of these chefs alone would be a draw,but every one them in the same place cooking for a cause and filling my belly with indescribably delicious food-oh yes I have died and gone to heaven

And what a great cause  all of the proceeds from the event support the Good Farmer Fund (emergency relief for local farmers in need) and the NFMA's educational programing (helping consumers learn about the benefits of supporting local, sustainable farms). 

This is  a recipe for an evening of dining to remember for a long long time. I can't wait until Sunday..stay tuned for the Event and all the tastings!

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Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

My kind of event Sandy. Today I am volunteering at a similar event that is put on by Farm Folk, City Folk in various locations across Canada.ENJOY!!